Jen White

Jen is a Consultant, Facilitator and Leadership Coach for Emotous and brings deep knowledge and experience in creating and leading high performance teams. With a focus on building a safe coaching environment where each team member can live into their values.

Along with her 20 years of leadership experience, Jen holds a Post Graduate Certificate in Management, Diploma in Management, and a Diploma in Human Resource Management. She is also Dare to Lead ™ trained and Certified as an EQ Assessor.

Jen has an honest and authentic coaching style. She is not afraid to ask the hard questions, all while supporting people to move out of their comfort zone to ensure that outcomes are achieved.

Coaching Audience


"Jen's ability to subtly lead me to self-identify growth opportunities made me feel empowered. She provides a supportive, and encouraging coaching environment where it is not only OK to make mistakes, but it is encouraged. If you are looking for a coach to support you in obtaining your goals, look no further than Jen."

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