Kristin Lincoln

Kristin is a leadership coach, consultant and facilitator for Emotous and draws on over 20 years in corporate America as a senior executive and organisational development leader, to support our clients.

Combining real-world experience and education, she assists organisations who want to implement change, increase employee engagement and create healthy, cohesive and resilient teams.

Kristin has a Master’s Degree in Business from Stanford University and is honoured to have been selected and trained by Dr. Brené Brown as a Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator.

Through her coaching and workshops, Kristin helps leaders at every level learn how to become more self-aware, to lead with empathy and connection, and to quickly recover after setbacks in order to lead their organisations to success.

"Kristin is an experienced and knowledgeable manager and leader herself who knows what being in leadership and management is actually like and what it takes. She is understanding and empathetic yet pushes you to realise hard truths and think and feel outside of your comfort zone. She listens intently and asks the right questions to understand your specific work context and reality."

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