Rebecca Alexander

Rebecca is an insightful leadership coach, consultant and facilitator, who brings deep knowledge and over 20 years experience in leadership development and human transformation to the team. An engaging change agent, she partners with clients to activate insights that challenge old mindset narratives, promote new thinking and tap into the inherent wisdom of clients.

Rebecca is a Certified Emotional Intelligence Assessor and Coach who holds qualifications in business management, community cervices, neuro linguistic programming (NLP) and hypnosis and has over 8 years of board director experience, including holding the role of chairperson.

She has worked with professionals from a wide range of industries including: Law, Hospitality, Finance, Government, IT, Utilities, Arts, Education, Safety, Health and Not for Profits.  Rebecca’s purpose is to collaborate with leaders and teams to deepen ownership, accountability, responsibility and to unleash their capability to deliver fresh pathways to success.

Coaching Style


"Working with Rebecca is focused, productive, surprising and refreshing. She leads by inspiration and can navigate the maze of ‘what might be’ and lead you unerringly to ‘what needs to be’. Rebecca will help identify the path that will work best for you and support you to define the skill set to get the job done. I have had the pleasure of working with Rebecca in both large and small teams, her leadership coaching style is both people and results focused. She has the rare ability to lead people by standing behind them and asking them what they think is the right way, confirming and shaping the direction and then allowing them the satisfaction of the achievement, to have full ownership and to feel empowered."

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