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John Dare

CEO, Founder, Executive Coach, Consultant, Facilitator, Speaker

A Silicon Valley entrepreneur in technology, communications and consumer services with one of his businesses growing to almost $50M in just over four years.

John also worked with MCC Globe, a boutique venture capital firm, where he worked with entrepreneurs and their teams to accelerate grow. In 2001 he co-founded an Organizational Transformation management consulting firm working with businesses of all size (including numerous Fortune 1000s), which later sold to Ernst & Young. Today, John is a business coach working with people and organizations to build agility and excel in a world of rapid change.

John’s unique experience, combined with his expertise in neuroscience, emotional intelligence, innovation, entrepreneurship and transformation make him an excellent coach for anyone that wants to accelerate performance.

John brings a balance of analytical and creative thinking and will challenge you to be your best and achieve more.
Think of John as your business coach, he will:

  • Challenge you to find your purpose and declare your objective;
  • Bring his decades of experience to your development;
  • Inspire you to achieve what you want;
  • Empower you to set strategies for your future success; and
  • Motivate you to stay the course.

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