EQ drives 28% increase in sales results and improves hiring and customer service

A national insurance company used Emotional Intelligence (EQ) assessments and the Emotous’ Selling with EQ training to lift sales performance and improve contact centre hiring. What they got was a 28% increase in year-on-year sales results, higher talent retention and better customer service.


A national insurance company was looking for a solution to increase both their sales performance and staff retention.

They saw Emotous’ Selling with EQ program as an opportunity to address both challenges. The EQ data generated through the program enabled them to pinpoint development opportunities to suit the specific needs of each team member and the team as a collective.

Additionally, the sales training was unique in that it integrated EQ and neuroscience to inform the sales process and enabled consultants to understand how to connect with the clients and better serve their needs.

The Story of a National Insurance Company

Like many contact centre environments, the company experienced high attrition and turnover, making it difficult to invest in the development necessary to ensure quality customer support to meet their sales objectives. As a result, staff lacked the confidence and capability to support customer enquiries and convert those enquiries into new sales.

Emotous was contacted by the head of customer operations to evaluate their situation and designed a development program that would address the talent retention, customer support and sales challenges they were facing.

The program that was chosen was Emotous’ Selling with EQ, which integrated Emotional Intelligence profiling into the hiring process and the development program. This program incorporated targeted EQ sales training and coaching to support Customer Service Representatives in building their EQ competencies, sales capability, confidence and resilience.

Sales Results



Sales Effectiveness



Outcomes were beyond initial expectations. The performance of Customer Service Representatives improved sales by 28%. This success was supported by an internal KPI of representatives meeting the “effective” benchmark, which increased from 13% to 61% during the program. The overall annual average was 40%.

As a result of this engagement, the company integrated Emotous’ EQ profile into their ongoing operations including hiring, customer support, and selling.

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