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Dare to Lead™ Program

29 & 30 October 2020 [8.30AM - 5PM]

This program is designed for Leaders or anyone passionate about accelerating their performance, who wants to show up, lead brave to maximise their relationships, create engaged cultures, propel performance and increase organisational resilience. At the centre of all of this is vulnerability; our pathway to courage and the birthplace of innovation, creativity, empathy and trust.

29 & 30 October 2020

Please read our COVID-19 policy prior to booking.

Thriving with Positivity

Friday, 27 November 2020 [8AM - 9.30AM]

Learn how to cultivate an attitude of positivity to unlock the power of this transformative practice in your life.

Leading with EQ [VIRTUAL]

Being successful is determined by much more than cognitive intelligence. Developing positive relationships, effectiveness, good decision-making, influence, as well as managing your wellbeing are essential elements of a great leader and primary success factors of emotional intelligence. With an emphasis on performance, this workshop explores the importance of EQ in leadership today.  Enquire to for more information.

Dare to Lead™ [VIRTUAL]

Tuesday, 17 November - Wednesday, 2 December 2020 [8.30AM - 12.30PM]

In today’s ever-changing world, bravery and courage is essential to maximising relationships, creating engaged cultures, propelling performance and increasing organisational resilience. This program is designed for leaders or anyone passionate about accelerating their performance and who want to create environments where they inspire others around them to do the same.  The virtual program is broken into 4 online modules running on Tuesday, 17 November, Wednesday, 18 November, Tuesday, 1 December and Wednesday, 2 December [8.30AM – 12.30PM).


Rising Strong™ [VIRTUAL]

Wednesday, 30 September - 4 November 2020 [11.30AM - 1.30PM]

How well equipped are you to deal with setbacks when life doesn’t go as planned? When despite all our best intentions, fool-proof plans and bravery we can end up face down in the arena. Rising Strong™ is about how to get back on our emotional feet, so we can keep showing up in our workplaces, families and relationships as the leader we want to be.