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Leadership Programs

Engage, develop and inspire.

Our in-person workshops and training are grounded in neuroscience and emotional intelligence (EQ) to create the foundation for understanding the science and practice of behaviour change, to optimise potential and equip people to thrive in rapidly changing workplaces.

Emotional Intelligence

Unlock agility, performance and wellbeing.

Research highlights that emotional intelligence (EQ) is critical in optimising, agility, effectiveness and wellbeing. We equip people with emotional intelligence skills to meet the demands of today’s changing workplace.

  • Building Emotional Intelligence and Resilience
  • The Mindful Leader
  • Working with Emotional Intelligence
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence
  • EQ Masterclass

Brave Leadership

Unlock leadership greatness.

Master a new approach to leadership. We challenge leaders to live, work and lead with authenticity, bravery and courage.

  • Reinventing Leadership
  • Dare to Lead • The Resilient Leader
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence
  • Cultivating Leadership Presence
  • Transitioning into Leadership

Psychological Safety & Trust

Enable innovation, increase collaboration, teamwork and engagement.

Explore the power of unlocking psychological safety to fuel wellbeing, connection, belonging and performance.

  • Unlocking Team Performance, Collaboration & Wellbeing through Psychological Safety
  • Strengthening Trust – Understanding your Trust Style 

Igniting Innovation

Unlock creativity & innovation.

Innovation drives agile workplaces, ignites creativity, encourages collaboration and innovation to create thriving workplaces.

  • Igniting Creativity and Innovation
  • Leading Innovation

Mindfulness & Wellbeing

Discover how to focus, thrive and perform.

Mindfulness is critical to building presence, self-awareness, emotional regulation and wellbeing. Kick-start your journey with one of our innovative programs.

  • Introduction to Mindfulness
  • The Mindful Leader • Unlocking Leadership Presence
  • Building Resilience and Wellbeing

Customer Service & Sales

Create a sales and service revolution.

Research highlights the power of emotion in unlocking the customer experience and sales results. We equip people and organisations to leverage the power of EQ in customer service and sales.

  • Leading Sales with EQ
  • Optimising the Customer Experience with EQ
  • Managing Challenging Customers with Resilience
  • Coaching Sales and Service with EQ




Coach your people to thrive and perform

Unlock potential, elevate engagement and boost the performance and wellbeing of your people. From one-on-one coaching to team and leadership coaching, we offer targeted solutions focussed on behavioural change. Our coaches are ICF credentialed and integrate the latest research in neuroscience, positive psychology and emotional intelligence to optimise agility performance and success. Our coaching services and support include:

  • Individual Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Career Coaching
  • Transition Coaching
  • Sales Coaching




Thrive through rapid change and disruption

Our consulting solutions accelerate performance and agility to meet the demands of a changing world. Whether you’re looking to review strategy, increase engagement, build agility or improve performance, we partner with our clients to deliver change that matters. Our solutions are leader-led, high-engagement, and centred around supporting clients to deliver agility, growth and transformation. We partner with organisations to find effective, innovative and sustainable solutions to their biggest challenges. This collaborative approach ensures ownership and best-fit for your organisation and people.   We use a range of coaching, profiling and adaptive leadership solutions to build intrinsic motivation and trust, the foundation for navigating change and building organisational agility. While many of our engagements are customised to meet client needs, our key areas of focus include:

  • Performance Acceleration
  • Customer Experience & Alignment
  • Organisational Agility
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Organisational Development & Talent Strategy
  • Culture Improvement
  • Merger & Acquisition Integration


Assessment Tools

People are complex – gain powerful insights to better understand people.

Unlock powerful insights to optimise agility, performance and engagement by integrating emotional intelligence and people analytics tools into hiring, on-boarding, training and coaching.

Whether you are seeking to enhance your hiring process, optimise performance or unlock leadership potential , we partner with you to select the right assessment tool to suit needs of your business.


People Analytics

Unlock performance & agility

We provide people intelligence solutions to unlock people insights to optimise performance, engagement, wellbeing and results.

Our People Analytics solutions integrate Emotional Intelligence, People and Culture data with performance and wellbeing data to provide unique insights into team and organisational vitality and performance. To better inform leadership, strategy, and people and culture, to more effectively build performance and agility

Our People Analytics solutions include:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Team Insights
  • Brain Talents Mapping
  • Culture Mapping
  • Team and Organisational Vitality and Trust



Speaking & Facilitation

Speaking & Facilitation – To inspire and motivate your audience

We deliver inspiring, high impact key note presentations and strategic workshops to audiences of any size. Our keynotes are bespoke and customised to your audience’s needs. We focus on:

• Leadership

• Emotional Intelligence

• Resilience & Agility

• High Performance Teams

• Psychological Wellbeing

We are results orientated facilitators, who design and facilitate strategic workshops in the following areas:

  • Strategy reviews and development
  • Purpose and values alignment
  • Strategic initiative prioritisation and integration
  • Leadership alignment
  • Emotional intelligence integration
  • Innovation and ideation
  • Organisational review and design
  • Culture mapping and design
  • Customer experience strategy
  • Organisational Development & Talent Strategy



Smart Tools

Unlock collaboration, agility & performance.

We provide smart tools to unlock agility, collaboration, performance and wellbeing to achieve high impact, sustainable results.

Our smart tools provide real time data, analytics and actionable insights, to cultivate the integration of critical emotional intelligence skills into the organisational culture to optimise collaboration, connection, agility and performance.

Whether it’s a culture platform, engagement or collaboration tool, we partner with you to implement smart tools that enhance collaboration, connection, performance and agility. 



Ambassador Program

Elevate, engage and integrate.

Our ambassador program is designed to build community, amplify positive outcomes and integrate learning to create thriving workplaces.

We provide a turnkey solution to support and equip internal champions to lead peer sessions and embed learning within their workplace to support people to engage, learn and thrive.


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