A Courage Building Program For Teens


BOLD™ is a courage building curriculum for adolescents who want to take a deep dive into self-discovery, vulnerability, courage, authenticity, and personal leadership.

Loaded with engaging experiential activities, The BOLD™ Program is designed to create meaningful conversations and a rich learning environment. Participants who complete the program are equipped with confidence, courage, compassion, and connection to show up and be their best self... BRAVE and BOLD

The BOLD™ Program was developed by Dr. Brené Brown and the Daring Way™ Senior Faculty Team based on Brené's research and books: Daring Greatly and Rising Strong.

  • Develop engagement skills in group, practice articulating their needs, set boundaries, reach out for support, and understand the needs of others.
  • Build emotional literacy.
  • Define courage and how to be brave in life.
  • Identify ways of expressing emotions, both healthy and unhealthy.
  • Increase curiosity about feelings and build skills to engage with and experience these emotions.
  • Identify and learn how to build trust in self and with others.
  • Identify their values and the behaviours that support these values.
  • Define vulnerability as well as the myths and paradoxes of vulnerability.
  • Become aware of unhealthy defensive strategies used to protect themselves from feeling vulnerability.
  • Explore importance of self-compassion.
  • Learn empathy and its relationship with trust.
  • Discover healthy and unhealthy ways of connection and disconnection.
  • Understand Identities and triggers that keep them from authenticity.
  • Explore the importance of forgiveness.
  • Describe how to put boundaries in place to lead from a place of integrity.
  • Target Audience: Teenagers, students, young adults
  • Delivery Mode: In person and virtual programs available

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