Unlocking Service Superpowers


In today’s competitive business environment, it is essential our people understand the importance of being customer centric and how to deliver service excellence.

Equipping your people with the skills and confidence to handle anything that comes their way is essential to safeguard your reputation and ensure your organisation is placed as a leader in service delivery.

Integrating the latest research in customer service and emotional intelligence, the workshop will facilitate insightful self-awareness and challenge limiting beliefs to create behavioural change and facilitate the delivery of service excellence.

  • Understand the power of the customer experience
  • Recognize the impact of positive attitude
  • Build key conversational skills to build rapport and connection
  • Practice customer contact management skills
  • Learn how to navigate challenging customers
  • Target audience: Leaders, Managers. Emerging leaders, Team Members
  • Delivery mode: In person and virtual programs available

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"The facilitators were able to explain and use real life examples whilst drawing contributions from the group. This enabled scenarios to be felt and explored with context"

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