Building Brave Leaders and Courageous Cultures

Dare To LeadLeadership

Daring leaders are self-aware, know how to have hard conversations, hold themselves and others accountable, lead with empathy and connection, take smart risks that lead to innovation, reset quickly after disappointments and setbacks, and give and receive feedback especially when it’s tough.

This program is designed for leaders, change agents or anyone passionate about accelerating their performance, who wants to show up, be brave and create environments where they inspire others around them to do the same.

In today’s ever-changing world, bravery and courage is essential to maximising relationships, creating engaged cultures, propelling performance, and increasing organisational resilience. At the centre of all of this is vulnerability, our pathway to courage and the birthplace of innovation, creativity and trust.

Based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown, this workshop will help you put into action the leadership skills outlined in Brené’s #1 NY Times best-selling book, Dare To Lead. During this program you will learn more about these courage-building skills and walk away with a personal action plan for how to apply them in your work and life.

  • Learn the skills to lead with courage
  • Understand the difference between armoured vs daring leadership
  • Explore the connection between being vulnerable and being brave
  • Activate the power of empathy to fuel connection
  • Built trust and psychological safety
  • Better understand your personal values
  • Learn how to navigate courageous conversations and feedback
  • Build your resilience skills and toolkit
  • Rollout practical tools & learnings with your team after the program
  • Target audience: Executives, Leaders, Managers, Emerging Leaders, Team Members
  • Delivery mode: In person and virtual programs available

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General Manager


"I have had the opportunity to attend many many training course and self development courses both within Australia, the US and Europe during my 35+ years of working in the Corporate sector. I am very clear that I found the Dare to Lead program the most challenging and insightful - really prompting me to look at and into myself....very powerful and rewarding. Thank you for the opportunity and experience."

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