Turn Challenges Into Opportunities


Communication is critical in today's work environment, yet 67% of us avoid having courageous conversations. Whether you’re providing performance feedback or managing a difficult customer, courageous conversations are an inevitable part of our work.

Our ability to lead courageous conversations with confidence and resilience is essential if we are to have effective productive relationships.

Explore the essential toolkit for leading courageous conversations with clarity, confidence and calm

  • Defining a challenging conversation
  • Explore the role of emotions in challenging conversations
  • Critical conversational skills
  • Tips for navigating challenging conversations
  • Strategies to build your agility and resilience
  • Target audience: Leaders, Emerging Leaders Managers, High Potentials, Team Members
  • Delivery mode: In person and virtual program available

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"I was able to learn new skills about how to structure communication styles when interacting with different groups of people, and also learn about my strengths and weaknesses in relation to Emotional Intelligence"

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