Emotions drive people – people drive performance; being successful in sales is driven by much more than just cognitive intelligence. With an emphasis on developing a sales mindset, emotional intelligence and sales mastery, Sales SuperSkills is designed to facilitate breakthroughs in sales performance and results.

Since the 1960s, emotional intelligence (EQ) has been recognized as a critical component of both personal and professional success. Yet many organizations focus primarily on building the technical skills of their sales consultants, while neglecting emotional intelligence skills.

Sales SuperSkills unlocks the human skills of sales, whilst building confidence and mastery in sales techniques to elevate your customer experience to optimise the opportunity in very customer contact.

  • Why emotions matter in sales?
  • Understand how EQ impacts sales
  • Unlocking the sales mindset
  • Explore EQ in action model
  • Leading the sales process with confidence
  • Strategies to improve self-awareness, communication, and sales
  • Rising from setbacks & disappointments
  • Managing objections & concerns with ease
  • Target audience: Leaders, Managers, Emerging Leaders, High Potential, Team Members
  • Delivery mode: In person and virtual program available

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